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Temperature: Maintain soil temperature between 68 to 72 degrees, with optimal growing at 72 degrees.

More information: Stick cuttings within 12 to 24 hours of delivery. Mist to maintain turgid cutting in propagation (reducing night misting as possible ), at callus formation mist can be reduced. Begin to fertilize with 75ppm N when roots are visible. Stretching and tissue decline in propagation should be mitigated by increased light and decreased misting. Movement of plug from warm propagation environment to hardening environment as soon as small roots emerge is recommended. Plants seem to respond well to 75 degree days and cooler nights targeting 62 degrees but ok at even at 57 degrees.

PH: Stick unrooted cuttings into a well drained peatlite media, having a pH range of 5.8 to 6.2.

Environment: Pinching is not generally needed. Provide High light when available, 5000 ft candles. In low light conditions be careful to not overwater. In general grow as a Petunia in regard to light and temperature , high light moderate and low temperature (57 to 62 degree nights) . Benefiting from movement outdoors after threat of frost is past.

IRRIGATION: Moderate feeders, maintain an EC of 1.5mS with a balanced feed. Maintain moderate water content in compost. Overwatering can be a problem and well drained medium helps to dry the soil after irrigation.

Crop Scheduling: Gallon or 6 inch containers can be finished in 8 to 12 week crop time, depending upon the finish size desired.

PEST AND DISEASE: Generally pest and disease free.

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