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For growers, the short cultivation timing and the extremely uniform, compact habit across the entire series are reasons enough to choose the early-flowering VEPITA varieties.

Temperature: The use of warm temperature propagation can rapidly encourage rooting of Verbena. Recommended environment includes use of 62 - 65 degree F. night temperature. Misting in propagation should be used for the first 5 days to mitigate excessive wilting. Propagation environments set up with high indirect lighting will help to warm day temperature and encourage rapid rooting.

Fertilize: Starter fertilization can begin at 75 to 100 PPM at root formation.

After root: After root initiation (7 days), stretch in propagation can be mitigated by pinch and change of environment to lower humidity and High light and use of PGR (B-9 2500 PPM). (Schedule to pinch at 7 days)

More information: Scheduling for rooting should be 3 weeks.

Environment: Environment is critical to good Verbena growth after transplant. At transplant, transition the rooted cuttings into 5 - 6000 foot candle environment with night temperature at 60 - 62 degrees, slightly lower temperature and higher light compared to the propagation environment. Begin increased fertilization to 200 PPM.

After rooting: After rooting into final container, reduce irrigations and begin to dry slightly between irrigations. Temperature can again be maintained at 60 F degree nights and high of 70 degree day. Product can be moved to brighter light with 8000 ft candle as a target. (Cool temperature growing can cause Redding in foliage in some varieties, if so warm the night environment.)

More information: If growth is leggy at any point in the final container, shear the new growth and reshape the container. Return the plant to High light and cool night environment.

CLEAN STOCK: Susceptibility of Verbena to viruses are well known. Kientzler Verbena come from Kientzler Innovaplant with commitment to unsurpassed clean record of production reliability.

Crop Scheduling: Use the following schedules for finishing Verbena Pots and Baskets, 4 inch containers in Early spring should finish in 9 weeks (Pinch at 1-2 week after transplant), 6, 8 and10 inch containers 13 weeks (Pinch at 3 weeks after transplant).

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