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The industry standard for NGI. Uniform growth and flowering within the series are a great benefit. Paradise offers a great choice of colors and flowers sizes combined with rich flowering and earliness

Temperature: The use of warm temperature propagation can rapidly encourage rooting of NGI. Recommended environment includes use of 68 degree F. night temperature. Misting in propagation should be used for the first 7 - 9 days to mitigate excessive wilting. Propagation environments set up with high indirect lighting will help to warm day temperature and encourage rapid rooting.

Fertilize: Starter fertilization can begin at 75 PPM at root formation.

After root: After root initiation, stretch in propagation can be mitigated by movement of cuttings to lower a lower humidity environment.

PH: Review pH and hold pH to 5.8 to 6.2, avoid rising pH by use of acid fertilization. In addition review irrigation practices and allow drying to occur in between irrigations.

More information: Scheduling for rooting should be 4 weeks.

Environment: Environment is critical to good NGI growth after transplant. At transplant, transition the rooted cuttings into 5 - 6000 foot candle environment with night temperature at 65 degrees, slightly lower temperature and higher light compared to the propagation environment.

After rooting: After rooting into final container, reduce irrigations and begin to dry slightly between irrigations. Temperature should continue with 65 degree nights and high of 70-75 degree day. Product can be moved to brighter light with 8000 ft candle as a target. (Optimum Day and Night temperature for growth is 72 F day and night. )

More information: Use of clear water irrigations are important. Fertilizing every 3rd irrigation with 75 - 100 PPM. Crinkled foliage can be mitigated by the use of low fertility.

CLEAN STOCK: Susceptibility of NGI to viruses are well known. Kientzler NGI come from Kientzler Innovaplant with commitment to unsurpassed clean record of production reliability.

Crop Scheduling: Use the following schedules for finishing Paradise and Pure Beauty Pots, 4 to 6 inch containers in Early spring should finish in 10- 12 weeks, 8 and 10 inch containers and baskets in 12 - 14 weeks.

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