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Temperature: The use of warm temperature propagation can rapidly encourage rooting of Cyperus. Recommended environment includes use of 68 degree F. night temperature. Misting in propagation should be used for the first 10 - 14 days to mitigate excessive wilting and drying. Propagation environments set up with high indirect lighting will help to warm day temperature and encourage rapid rooting. Stick cuttings with flower head touching the top of the soil line.

Fertilize: Starter fertilization can begin at 75 to 100 PPM and increase to 150-200 PPM at root formation.

More information: During root initiation, shoots will develop into propagation. Scheduling for rooting should be 6 weeks.

Environment: Environment is critical to good Cyperus growth after transplant. At transplant, transition the rooted cuttings into 5 - 6000 foot candle environment with night temperature at 60 - 62 degrees minimum. (Although the plants will survive in 45 degree temperature) Begin increased fertilization to 200 PPM.

After rooting: After rooting into final container, reduce irrigations and begin to dry slightly between irrigations. (Do not excessively dry) Temperature can again be lowered to 62 degree nights . Product can be moved to brighter light with 8000 ft candle as a target.

Crop Scheduling: Use the following schedules for finishing Cyperus Pots, Plants bulk best by controlling night temperature to 60 - 68 degree nights. Once climate warms, finishing on outdoor growing pads can help to strengthen flower stalks. Cyperus can be planted in combo pots at the same time as other rooted components.

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